There is program of festival 2017. New program will be soon!



1-3 March
Catalina Chouhy (Uruguay)
Classes on CI Basics

2-3 March
Kirill Popov (Russia)
Freediving classes

4-6 March
Maria Grudskaya and Anastasia Saevich (Russia)
Workshop of CI for all levels “Follow the Rabbit”

4-6 March
David Lim (Malaysia)
CI Intensive for upper-intermediate and advanced “Lifts and Levity”

4-8 March
Sasha Bezrodnova (Russia)&Mario Blanco Martinez (Spain-Argentina).
Intensive of Contact Improvisation in water for participants, who are ready to dive deeper: “Dancing like dolphins”.

4-8 March
Yana Sutina and Kirill Popov (Russia)
Intensive CI in water for beginners and everyone interested to explore basic principles:”Somewhere between jellyfish and whale shark”

8-10 March
Hugo Leonardo (Brazil)
Workshop “Poetics of Opportunity or Des-habituating the World”

8-10 March
Maria Grudskaya and Anastasia Saevich (Russia)
Workshop on Somatic Movement and CI “Rivers of my heart”