Festival program 2023:


5-7 March
Davi Rhein
“Flying Together” Contact Improvisation Foundational Techniques

6-7 March
Kirill Popov 
Freediving class

8-10 March
David Leung 
CI Intensive for all levels: “Reconnection of our somatic universes”

8-10 March
Artem Markov and Maria Grudskaya
CI Lab Intermediate-Advanced “Pull of gravity between us: counterbalancing and jumping”

8-12 March
Masha Grudskaya & Anastasia Saevich 
“Dolphin playing, dolphin soaring, dolphin flocking” // CI in water lab for all levels

8-12 March
Yana Sutina & Kirill Popov
Intensive of Contact Improvisation in water for all levels: “Back to the roots”

13-14 March

David Lim, Angelika Doniy, Nitipat (Ong) Pholchai
CI classes from different teachers