14-16 March

Maria Grudskaya
CI workshop for participants with (some) experience:
“Tender and Daring – Surprising Trajectories of the Heart”

What if we imagine the chest, ribcage and heart as the center of movement, gravity, space and universe?… 🙂 How the body will organize itself in motion, what possibilities open? – new, unusual, maybe even awkward… I am curious to play with different ideas that will shift our movement and dance to something new and unexpected… Being puzzled… Being gentle in the new territories, landscapes and directions and at the same time being adventurous and courageous…

I love to take time to embody new qualities and images through touch and attention, and master the transitions – from perception to action, from quiet to dynamic, from somatic to acrobatic.

We will embody the center of space and breathing in our body – the chest,
Embrace each rib of our body,
Embrace the whole body with our ribs,
Allow mobility in each joint of the chest,
Find bounciness and softness of rib cartilage,
Connect arms-wings,
Explore movement from chest center – three-dimensionality, embracing front and back space,
Discover various trails of support and rolling and sliding in contact with the chest centers of our partners, upside downs and unusual lifts,
Find support from our diaphragm as an inner trampoline..
This is a space of breath and heart..
.. radiating from the heart into the space,
through fingers and beyond..

We will find transitions from tuning into subtle sensations and body connections – to active movement, flying, lifting, falling softly, catching the waves…