Catch the wave

11th Water and Land Contact Improvisation Festival in Thailand “Catch the wave” will take place from 10 till 20 March 2024.


Festival Program

10 days of immersion in the experience of dance and body

CI intensives

Morning intensives of contact improvisation on land for all levels from the international teacher’s team

CI in water intensives

Afternoon dance intensives in water for beginners and intermediate. Tender sea and warm lake in the center of the island offer excellent conditions for the…


Soft connections between mind and body through somatic education and obtained a deep experience in dance


Interaction with nature and using of the unique landscape of the island for art projects and performances


The open space for dance and experimentation, research capabilities and expanding the boundaries


Evening jams on land, quiet focus jams and jams with live music, unforgettable dance with the plankton in the warm night sea

Basic freediving classes

In the first days of the festival will be basic freediving classes for everyone. Freediving perfectly helps to prepare mind and body for the further dance in the water.


Basic CI classes

Basic CI classes will be held in the first 3 days of the festival. It will help to be involved in the dance and jams from the first days.