14-16 March
Ong Pholchai
Workshop CI in water: “Becoming water”

My water dance approach called “Becoming Water” is about being in touch with the water element inside our physical/visceral being and connecting with the process of flow and resilience. The physical practice involves movement of sensing, absorbing, releasing and transforming energy. It builds on my somatic body research and influences from contact improvisation, martial art techniques, free-diving and water therapy.

In sharing with you this practice, I will guide you into an explorative journey which evokes a porous quality of our body with water, where they become entangled together as a seamless environment.
Such embodiment uncovers the resilient power of the water-body, as much as an intimate space of authentic connection to our inner worlds. Whether you bring ‘a fear of water’ or a love of aquatic fun, both are welcomed in our dance experience. No swimming skills are necessary, but please communicate any concerns about being in water.

The body training involves
The principle of blending and non-resistance adapted from aikido and systema
Perceptual breathing techniques that cultivates one’s sensitivity to the environmental nuances of gravity, buoyancy and viscosity
Embodiment of the ancestral starfish body and spiral energies
Awareness of space and energy centers.

We will place emphasis on alignment and communication in our group and partnered practice. Let’s cultivate trust, openness and playfulness within ourselves in ‘becoming space’ for each other.

Past participants attest to the release of over-tension and dissolution of blockages in their body-minds, letting go of fears, and gaining confidence in self-intimacy and connecting with others.

This research journey has resulted in a series of film documentation, a live performance and video installations, available for your enjoyment: