14-16 March

This days we will have 3 separate classes.

1. Sasha Bezrodnova “The Center of the Universe”

One of the biggest shifts that I had in my embodiment, was inspired by Natania den Boeft. She suggested once, what if our center would be the center of the Universe… I will never forget this day!

By that day, I tended to withdraw and hide my center – in the dance, in the moments I am seen by other people… And I found, that if it is the center of the Universe, there is no way to hide it, and there is no other center, which is more important.

Since then I had a long way of about 20 years, exploring the experiential anatomy, somatics, contact, and Ocean Dance, nourishing touch, limits, and intimacy…

The topic of the pelvis and the gravity center keeps attracting my attention and bringing me to the depth of human contact, with oneself and with the other.
How much we are in our center? How much do we dissociate from it, when meeting the other?
How much do our embodiment and our range of motion change in different proximity?
How much do we involve all of our body parts, including our pelvis and genitals, in our proprioception, and when do we stop doing it? How much of cultural issues are limiting our body awareness and disabling our full body presence in contact with others?
What is ok in contact improvisation, body wise?
How much do the speed and breathing play a role in our bodily contact?

All of it I would like to ask us and let our bodyminds be the question in progress.
We will work on the dance floor, and we might want to take it into the sea.

2. Dasha Filippova

What do you think of the idea of adding some spice to CI in the form of choreography and expressiveness?
What if it could also be functional, or lead to supports?
Hands that don’t just grab/hold, but also – float, fly, wave.
Feet that not only walk, but also take, pull, push, pull away.
In class we will add new possibilities to the movement of our periphery – arms and legs.
No somatics, only actions.
(you can come to this class if you need to switch the way we work on our movement).
(somatics is amazing, but it this class we will work in different way)
The class is open to dancers with every experience.
P.S. Sometimes I think that in CI there is more value placed on the functionality of movement (the kind of movement that creates a play of gravity or opportunities to step out in lift). Or the collaborative nature of movement.
I want to bring in opportunities to follow expressiveness, to explore  plasticity of body in contact. And if we had a mirror – we would definitely work with you on the mirror. For why put something in the shadows when you can use the possibilities? To see yourself, to admire your dancing, to refine your form.
Why not?)

3. Francisco Borges

On the in-side-out is an exploration on the interplay between body-mind, self-other, giving-receiving and the endless dance between me, you and we. While moving, we’ll investigate the fertile landscape where one ends and other begins. The skin. Or is it?