14-16 March
Sasha Bezrodnova

Workshop CI in water: “I SEA YOU”

I invite you to experiment with the depth of human contact that could happen when humans get into the water. And to take this new knowledge, memories, and impressions to your life out of water! 

If you are interested in…
– Fine-tuning and empowering your senses, enriching your perception. 

– Disclosing the possibilities of effortless multi-dimensional movement.

– Discovering the new dimensions of how it feels – to dance, to share, and to play.

– Finding new ways of creating an intimacy that nourishes.

– Creating a new awareness of time as one of the dimensions of relating.

– Liberating your old habits of interaction, with ease and joy…
… than you’re welcome to play in this intensive!

I believe that contact begins with the art of being connected to oneself and the environment. This is why we’ll also work solo and with the sea, privately.
I believe that movement is life, for this, the basics of movement are the basics of our existence. Because life on our planet began in water, as well as our personal lives, all the basic movement patterns are perfect for inhabiting water and for creating a more complete way of living, expressing, and relating.
I believe that moving in trios, quartets, and bigger groups opens us to a greater range of possibilities, than if we stick to duets.
I believe that we gather at the festivals not only to learn but also to enjoy the moments of deep togetherness and unity, and to share time and space of playfulness with like-minded people.
This work is based on the patterns of somatic movement, perinatal somatic work, and the Ocean Dance technique. 

This intensive is of high interest to therapists, hands-on bodyworkers, workshop leaders, psychologists, dance and movement teachers, dance performers, and contact improvisation facilitators. Still, it is open to people of all levels of experience.
I have been developing my work in water since 2007, teaching open workshops and retreats, Ocean Dance and Art Freediving instructors courses, and educative programs for therapists and dance facilitators. Come with your interest and get my support and the support of the group in your investigation.