11-13 Мarch

Introduction to CI in Water
Intensive for beginners and all levels
Maria Grudskaya, Sasha Bezrodnova, Anastasia Saevitch, Yana Sutina, Kirill Popov

Have this time for remembering (or learning!) the basic principles of contact improvisation in water. The more we explore the basics, the more depth we discover in our movement and dance, the more we enjoy ourselves multi-dimensionally!

In this 3-day intensive you’ll get to feel:

How to stop swimming and start dancing
How to move efficiently and effortlessly in the water
How to float and move through water without making unnecessary movements
How to organize your breath in a way that you don’t have to think about it
How to make your way into the dance in water – and out!
How to use your vision to organize your posture and movement
How to stay present in your body without getting lost in the whirlpool of interactions
How to take care of yourself