We recommend participants to come not only for the festival itself but to stay in this amazing country for a longer time. You can plan your trip beforehand of find travel-mates at the festival. For the information about Thailand we recommend Lonely Planet travel guide.

Further follows a short list attractions that you can explore before or after the festival.

March 19-22, after the festival
with Anastasia Saevich and Sasha Bezrodnova.

Our life began in water.
Cells of our parents met and developed in the liquid environment.
We invite you to return to water, as to a life source.

SOMATIC APPROACH is an opportunity to come into deep contact with your own body and feelings, leaning from the images of corporal phenomenology and fine-tuned supportive attention. There is a set of anatomic knowledge and scientific data on the human development. Our interest is to turn this knowledge into our conscious corporal experience, to really appropriate it.


Passing step by step with attention, feeling and understanding through different stages of formation of the body:

– You will know yourself and your particularities better.
– You will expand the freedom of choice in behaviour and the movement.
– You will find your own unique resources of self-support and self-recovery.
– Make the personal discoveries on the way of exploring your embodied self.
– You will advance on the way of unity with your body consciousness.
– You will get charged with inspiration and curiosity for research, for the years ahead!

Together with you we will pass through the very first stages of creation and forming of a body, leaning on images of the EMBRYOGENESIS. Moving with them in water and on the land, individually and in the group, we will comprehend the wisdom which can be taken into the daily life and behavioral strategies.

The subjects of conception, embryogenesis and the birth still in many respects remain a riddle, even for the scientists. Therefore our research is a touch to the world of miracles, discoveries, revelations and unique personal understandings.

We will address the following STAGES:
– Conception: how and what occurs in a sacrament of the process, when the biggest cell of a human body meets and incorporates the smallest one?
– How does zygote cells (our first cells) move towards their house?
– How do we find the “house”?
– How our nervous tube and nervous system is formed further?
– How from three petals, our three various types of fabrics of the body are formed and developed?
– How our organs, including heart, are formed and how they move through the developing body?

4 days, 4-5 scheduled hours a day + spontaneous program which is formed by group and individuals.

Together we will work with group during the scheduled hours. In the rest of the time we recommend to you to be in contact with the island nature, together with friends or alone, to experiment, meditate, move and dance in the sea, in the lake, on a dance floor and on the shore. To rest into the process of authentic living, without plans and expectations. To allow to occur experiences, integration, miracles and spontaneous acts of beauty. You can bring clothes, fabrics or objects which will support you, or with which for you it will be interesting to move.

– teachers of contact dance and body awareness, embodiment (somatic) specialists, facilitators and practiotioners of authentic dance in the nature and with the nature. Organizers of the ci-thai.com and ladoga-dance.ru festivals with high attention to psychology and ecology of group processes.
Online and offline facilitators of somatic educational project “BodyMyHome”
Sasha (Alexandra) Bezrodnova #sashaffect and Nastya (Anastasia) Sayevich #movetoself

Assistant – Lolo Chambo (France) – water doula, aquatic therapist, specialist on working with rebozo tissues.

the seminar is open for participants of any level. Experience in water practices, authentic movement and contact dance is welcomed, but is not obligatory.


prepayment is 100$ and it is nonrefundable.
200 USD early birds before 1 January 2019,
250 USD after 1 January
The size of group is limited, speed up to take your place in evolution! 🙂

Thai Massage

Thai massage

Thai massage appeared 2500 years ago. It is based on working with energetic lines of the person. It is a lot like bodywork. Though better to say that in some bodyworks we use the technique of Thai massage.

In Thailand there are two schools of massage: Southern and Northern. Southern is represented by Wat Po Temple in Bangkok.

You can find schedule of the courses and sighn up on the website. Wat Po school is one of the most recognized (this of course affects the price).

Northern school is represented by Chiangmai. Here is the list of most famous schools in Chiangmai:

The prices in Chiangmai are lower (schools in the list are arranged from the lowest price to the highest). It is a longer way to the North than to Bangkok, but if you decide to travel to the North you won’t regret it. There is a very nice atmosphere, beautiful mountainous nature and plenty of interesting places from amazing temples to caves and waterfalls.



The word “vipassana” in ancient Indian language pali means “to see the reality the way it is”. Vipassana is one of the most ancient techniques of meditation. It appeared in India more that 2500 years ago as a universal remedy for all problems, as a way of life.

This is an official list of Vipassana centers in Thailand.

You need to register in advance. The technique is tought in Thai and English.



We recommend to visit the capital of Thailand – Bangkok. Most convenient time is upon arrival (if you come a few days earlier before the festival) or before departure. The transport system of Thailand is very convenient, the airport is 30 min by metro from the center of the city.

Bangkok is a modern city, full of ancient and modern attractions from the royal palace and Buddhist temples to the skyscrapers of famous Kaosan Road. You can devote several days to explore this remarkable city.

There is contact improvisation community in Bangkok. You can contact them through Facebook Group.


Kiwi Orchid Guesthouse

Ranong is a small town, center of Ranong province. This is not the most popular place for foreign tourists, they mostly come there for a visa run to Burma. Nevertheless, it is worth to stay here for a couple of days before or after the festival.

Near the center there is a park with hot springs Raksavarin. The entrance is free, working hours 5 a.m. to 9 p.m. The water in the swimming pools is quite hot, it is better to come in the evening when it cools down a little. Bring swimming suits and towels. Coordinates: 9.958619, 98.651118

Namtok Ngao National Park is situated on the territory of two provinces – Ranong and Chumphon. Here you can rent a bungalow, visit several waterfalls, hot springs, take a walk on jungle paths. Coordinates: 9.856276, 98.627305

The hills Phu Khao Ya resemble fields of Switzerland or New Zealand: small green hills with no trees. From the highest point you can enjoy the view of the rural area of Ranong and Ngao waterfall. Coordinates: 9.867505, 98.618304

Kanyon Ranong

In just a few kilometers from the town there is a picturesque lake at former tin mines called Kanyon Ranong. Local people favor this place for outdoor picnics. Coordinates: 9.934877, 98.685808

In 35 kilometers from the town center there is a mountain Khao Fa Chi, beautiful views of Kraburi river and Burma open from there. A small one-way road leads to the Viewing point, which is situated 259 meters above the sea level. Coordinates: 10.189103, 98.713889

On the way to Khao Fa Chi there is a Punyaban waterfall 20 meters high. It is near the highway 4. Popular place among the locals to get nice rest on a hot day. Coordinates: 10.065023, 98.669977

If you wish to visit other islands besides Koh Chang, you can go to a near-by Koh Phayam. It is a lot like Koh Chang, but more touristic and with more developed infrastructure. You can get there from Ranong pier or straight from Koh Chang.

Also, relatively close to Ranong interesting national parks are situated – Laem Son National Park and Khao Sok National Park, lake Cheo Lan with Ratchaprapha dam etc.

Surin islands

SurinSurin National Park (Mu Ko Surin) is situated in the Northern part of Andaman sea close to Burma border. The distance to Surin islands to the main land is 60 km. There are five islands, two bigger ones – Ko Surin Nua and Ko Surin Tai – and three smaller ones.

Surin is a perfect place for snorkeling and freediving, this is the main reason tourists come here. Besides, it is a beautiful place, nice for walking, sun bathing, resting from civilization.

You can get there from the pier of Kuraburi town, there is a regular boat to Surin. From November to April it takes 4 hours to get to the islands.