10-14 March
Mario Blanco Martinez (Spain-Argentina).
Intensive of Contact Improvisation in water for all levels: “Sinking in”

In exploring something new, we are challenged by our paradigms. When we explore movement in the water, we are challenged by the paradigm of our own aerial reality. To make the explorations fruitful, we should let go of the constraints of our habitual environment and accept the new one freely.

As we let go of the patterns of earth, air, gravity, to discover those waiting for us in the water, it is not just the way we move that changes, but the way we think, sense and feel. It is worth contemplating ourselves in the process, as to revisit ourselves and root back to earth with new knowledge.

This workshop aims to acknowledge the water as a place of learning, and the present moment as the teacher. To relax in the element, so we can explore moving in the water while contemplating our own experience, and the transformations we go through.

We will work in exploring and releasing tensions, in breathing and movement patterns, all while sharing and discussing our experiences together. We will play with adapting Contact Improvisation scores and bringing elements of Authentic Movement.