12-16 March
Anastasia Saevich & Yana Sutina (Russia)
Intensive of Contact Improvisation in water: “Space between”.

We invite you to explore different possibilities and qualities of dancing in water on different depth levels.
Life was originated in water and later it moved-swam-crawled to land. We will follow this process of evolution forward and then backward…
What is the experience of being on the edge of water, when the weight of the body is fully present and the waves and sand play around? What dance arises there? Which physical forces encourage the movement? What attracts you as a mover?
When we are knee-deep in water, we can enjoy the safety of jumps and falls, the weight here feels heavier, as if the water is pulling us in, the gravity is stronger. What kind of dance emerges here?
What about going chest-deep in water? – loose weight, release yourself without loosing yourself. What are you left with? What is your timing? What movement comes? Where is your attention – more inside or outside?
This intensive includes 4 classes. We invite begginers and advanced participants to explore movement on the border of two elements – water and land – when in every moment you can choose where you want to be, and what possibilities and perspectives open in each place.