8-10 March

Artem Markov and Maria Grudskaya
CI Lab Intermediate-Advanced
“Pull of gravity between us: counterbalancing and jumping”

Our warm-up will include somatic movement approach, this is our shared field of interest and professional practice. We will awaken the body with dance sequenses, this can be fun! We will clarify forms and principles of movement to prepare for contact dance. Often warm-up is the most important part of practice, the base from where everything develop. It is like a seed, which defines the whole tree, branches, leaves and fruits. It is important to plant it with care and attention. 

Then in contact dance we want to share and develop several aspects that inspire us:

This principle can be a base of a soft, slow, contemplative, connected dance and it can also lead to a dinamic movement with high lifts and momentum. We will learn to find counter flows of forces, live connections in joints and tendons. Interplay between pulling and hanging will open a dance of tonus and pleasure.

We will explore the dinamics of a flight. Push and…  the body flighs UP in the field of gravity, then slows down, suspends for a moment, and flies DOWN. It is important to be able to bodily discern these UPs and DOWNs. If we try to fight the gravity whole jumping, it takes too much power, – we will look for ways to collaborate with gravity instead. When we add a lift in the right moment of the jump, we extend the flight, connect to the upward flow. We create supportive wings and winds for each other.