10-12 March

Michal Ratajski (Poland)
CI Intensive for all levels: “Martial Arts in Contact Improvisation”

Contact Improvisation is a dance technique in which, a number of important factors is: the flow of energy, softness and flexibility, ability to react, make quick decisions, knowing how to safely deal with risky situations. All these aspects, as well as many, many others are also common to martial arts training. This workshop is a author translation of martial arts [MA] ideas and training systems into a contact improvisation plane. In martial arts almost every action involves contact. The detailed information from MA incredibly extends the context of knowledge. If at the mental level we change the approach and point of view on the aspect of victory, rivalry and intentions of our actions. And at the physical level: to pace, strength, mussle tension, range of motion … – a well full of precise tools for working with the body will open up. Martial arts is a huge book written for millennia by great masters from various corners of the globe.

Looking at this knowledge through the prism of the contact improvisation, we can read it anew. We will use the knowledge of training systems: kung-fu – for the needs of working with the center and pulse flow, capoeira – to look at partners’ relationships and space in dance, ju-jitsu – to look at physical contact from another side, aikido – for safety these flights up and down and the use of energy that constantly is present. I invite you to the workshop which is a summary of my over than 20 years of experience in martial arts and in the contact improvisation. I invite you to explore together. In contact. “Every human being builds his own language of movement from the moment of his birth. When he comes across the path of contact improvisation, he gives it its own unique character. We will try to stimulate thinking and curiosity in the body, to discover our own path in this journey”.