12-14 March
Luca Carco Pacella
CI Intensive: “The SAMURAI and the BIRD”

Foundations: We are dancing anomalies.

A moving body creates a universe of asymmetries and balances that makes unique his dance.

Becoming a samurai: looking for decisions, geometries and directions, Stimulating a watchful eye to perceive rapidly the context, the bodies and the momentum of a dance.
Becoming a bird: falling toward the sky, inhabiting the invisible l flight that allow us researching lightness and weight, looking at how physicality is transformed by imagination and perception.


The aim of these classes is learning to look to oneself the other way round, to perceive the invisible, to listen the connections between.

Starting from the solo and from the idea that expanding our perception and concept of the body is the first step to let grow the possibilities of our dance, we’ll explore the improvisation, the contact and the weight as essential elements of our dance.

We’ll study the human and animal mechanics: the circulation of the movement and of the weight through the pieces of the body, integrating them in the totality we are, let us becoming agile and quick, like animals.