8-12 March
Masha Grudskaya & Anastasia Saevich
“Dolphin playing, dolphin soaring, dolphin flocking” // CI in water lab

Dolphin playing

Rolling, spiraling, pushing, pulling, finding and creating support, lifting, sliding, joining, falling, diving – we will explore all this playful joy of dancing in water together. 

Dolphin soaring

Did you know that dolphins sleep while soaring in water together?.. Water is embracing us, moving us, dancing us. Being in contact with water, becoming water, dissolving in water. State of Being, non-doing, letting go, yielding to the flow of water and dance. 

Dolphin flocking

Being in contact with yourself and being in contact with others. Expanding attention, tuning in with each other, becoming one flock together. Sensing the expanded shared space, shared center, shared movement. Moving together, anticipating the direction. Discovering connection with something bigger, with the global ocean. Wholeness inside the body and wholeness with the world around.