11-15 March
Sasha Bezrodnova (RUSSIA)&Mario Blanco Martinez (SPAIN – ARGENTINA).
Intensive of Contact Improvisation in water for beginners and all levels: “Waves of Tenderness”.

Mario Blanko

This intensive workshop is designed for Beginners and All Levels. We are going to approach contact in water from the point of view of basic reflexes and basic patterns of movement. 

We will learn to relax in water and help each other to release the tensions that we are used to carry in our bodies.

We will learn to move in water without fighting with it, without making any effort for movement. To propell through water without swimming, neither doing swimming-like movements. Instead, sensing the water and letting it to dance our bodies. 

Being with what is already there, dancing from the present sensations, with no ideas about how the dance should be. 

Having our body as our first partner, the ocean as our second partner, and other people adding even more possibilities, contact and playfulness into our dance.

Through this workshop we want to share our passion for dancing in water. The developmental side of it, the therapeutical side of it, and the artistic side. 

Teaching contact in water, we are used to suggest people principles and ideas, and invite them to play with this principles, developing their own, unique dance. 

As a result of this exploration, you will gain a  sense of incredible freedom while being in the Sea, or in any other waters. You will make friends with water, becoming even more friends than you have been before. You will release your fears connected to the lack of breathing underwater, and will be able to pass much longer time without urging to breathe.

You will find your inner fluidity and sense of peacefulness expressed through your movement. So you can recognize, remember this state, and you will know the way to come back to it. 

Being in this state, you will discover that other sea creatures, like fishes and water mammals, are much more open and willing to play with you.

CI in water