12-16 March
Sasha Bezrodnova (RUSSIA)&Mario Blanco Martinez (SPAIN – ARGENTINA).
Intensive of Contact Improvisation in water for beginners and all levels: “Dance with the water”.

In water, most of us recognize that sensation of weightlessness, like gravity is absent and now we can move effortlessly. Tuning just into this sensation, we simplify the phenomena, and we incorporate it into our terrestrial model of the world. However, in the water Earth gravity continue exerting its constant pulling, just the same as on land.

That what is different is the element. Between the solid ground and the gaseous air, the liquid water. Unlike the floor, water flows and gives us space to enter it, and unlike the air, she doesn´t disperse and keeps us in her supportive embrace.

In this intensive, our invitation is to dance “with the water” instead of “in the water”. To tune into the water as an element, an entity, instead of just a place or a different landscape. For some moments, to withdraw from the conditioning of our terrestrial mind-body and welcome our aquatic mind-body.

This intensive takes us into dance following a course of technical exercises, meditative experiences and poetic inspirations.
Expanding the intimacy of our relationship with ourselves to our relationship with the element, and eventually to our relationship with others… And integrating all in one singular experience.