Here will be answers to common questions to make your preparation to the trip easier:

  • A list of things you will need during the festival is here
  • Can I come to part of the festival?
    We organize the festival as a whole process in which all parts are equally important. Group dynamics are important to us, so you can only participate in the whole festival. If for some reason, you are late for the start of the festival, please let the organizers know.
  • Where will the classes be held?
    The land-based classes will take place outside on a banner cloth floor under a canopy. Also some processes will take place on the beach on the sand.
    The water classes take place in the sea in shallow water and on a fresh water lake half an hour’s walk from the festival site.
  • I would like to be a helper at the festival. Is there an opportunity to do so?
    Yes, we have a few places available for a team of helpers, if you are interested, email us about it, we will send you all the information on conditions and tasks for you.
  • How to get there?
    The How to get to the festival section has detailed information regarding the road to the venue
  • I have a special type of diet, what are the options on the island?
    Koh Chang is a very small island, the bulk of visitors to the island eat at local cafes. It is usually Thai cuisine adapted for Europeans. There are a couple of small grocery stores on the island with a very limited selection of products. If you are going to cook on your own, it makes sense to bring some food from Ranong. There is no public refrigerator at Cashew Resort (the festival site).