1. A bottle for water (you may buy there)

2. A bag or bagpack to carry personal belongings

3. Cup for tea (we ask you to have your own cup — In tropical countries it is important for hygienic reasons)

4. A knife for cutting fruit, also a small container for food may be useful.

5. A snorkeling mask. (It is also possible to have water glasses + nose clip, but it is not so comfortable)

6. T-Shirt/rash guard for swimming.
If you have special thin wetsuit for swimming or neopren suit for surfing.. or even vest – take it.
Body looses heat in water 25 times faster then in the air, so it may be super helpful for long dances in water.

7. Anti-mosquito repellent.

8. Swimming suite 🙂

9. Towel, shower gel…

10. SUNSCREEN 50 spf. Better if you find a biodegradable one.

11. Torch.

12. Medicine which you think you will use. We will have a basic first aid medical box, but if you’ll have personal meds for scratches and sunburns, it would be good.

13. Thin cloth with long sleeves, protection from the sun. It makes much more sense than the sunscreen.

14. Enough clothes for dancing with short and with long sleeve, long pants, kneepads (if you use them). 

15. Slippers, if you need, and sandals or gumshoes, for tracking in jungles.

16. Foto/video cameras, especially the ones that film underwater, are welcome!

17. Nice interesting clothes or a piece of fabric for photo sessions.

18. Tea, termos and gas-burner (optional), food if you are going to cook by yourself.

IMPORTANT: Koh Chang is a really small island with almost no infrastructure, so we recommend to bring everything that you need. You may buy it in Bangkok or in Ranong there is supermarket TESCO LOTUS). There are only tiny village shops on the island.