Nitipat “Ong” Pholchai (Spine Party Movement) is a dance artist, physicist and educator. His practice lies at the intersectionality of dance, healing, and activism with a focus on communal rituals and emergent collaboration. Ong views life and art as intertwining forces that nourish and inform each other in a becoming flux of his being and environment.

Professionally, Ong has gathered more than 10 years of experience teaching creative physics and improvisational dance in multiple platforms including universities, alternative schools, meditation centers, social activism spaces and international dance festivals. He has enjoyed leading artist communities and giving consultation to teachers/facilitators. He has choreographed works, curated activities and directed many community-based artistic projects in Thailand and internationally. He has received institutional support from Dance Nucleus (Singapore), MyDance Alliance (Malaysia), Asian Cultural Council, Kelola Foundation (Indonesia), Wanny Angerer’s Moving Cultures, Alliance Francaise Bangkok and British Council Thailand.

Among his most influential dance teachers are Kathleen Hermesdorf, Sarah Shelton Mann, Augusta Moore, Lizz Roman, Daiane Lopez Da Silva, Karl Frost and Katie Duck. Since 2015, he has enjoyed collaborating and building a soulful network with many Asia-based dance artists. Since his pioneering work “Blind Rituals” with Thai blind dancer Toffee during 2017-2022, he has grown a strong interest in activating collective discourse about art and spiritual accessibility in society. When it comes to the art of dance, it becomes clear to him the saying “sharing is caring.”