8-10 March
David Leung 
CI Intensive for all levels: “Reconnection of our somatic universes”

The authentic spirit of dance
Exists purely and uniquely
Describable by the poetics of sciences
Yet unfathomable by the elitist of analysts
It is to be experienced
It is to be breathed, moved
It is to be embodied

We have been apart
For various human and inhuman reasons
Shall we say it is time to reconnect?

How about we start from minding our contact
With the earth
The air
The ebbs and flows
Of thoughts
Feelings and emotions
How about we begin from minding each breath
That empowers each spark among the nerves 

Bathing in our wise fascial universe
Is our skin a boundary?
Or is it a bridge?
Interoception doesn’t have to mean isolation
Exteroception can come with a mandala of boundaries
There is a universe out there
There is a mirroring universe in here
Let’s take a shallow breath and
Dive deeply

Some say they know how to dance
Other say they don’t
What is there to be known, really?
Aside from the willingness to take a step
Twitch a muscle
Blink an eye
I know I don’t know anything of any importance at all
If I cannot share the dance with you

We have been apart
For various natural and unnatural reasons
Shall we say it is time to reconnect?
Would you also say YES?

The energetic arrival can begin