9-11 Мarch

Maria Grudskaya (Russia)
Intensive CI for inexperienced and beginners:”Let’s Begin Together!”

We have three days in the very beginning of the festival to arrive to land, water and people of our amazing island. For some it will be the first meeting with contact improvisation… Uuu, exiting! For some it will be the first experience of dancing outdoors in a hot country, and for sure for everyone it will be the first meeting with each other. We have enough time to really launch the festival together!
I am happy to share some ways into CI, which I’ve practiced more than 15 years. I invite everyone to come to the class with curiosity and probably even specific questions about the practice, and I invite everyone to leave the class with new curiosity and questions 🙂
We might even dance in water in this workshop… nothing has to happen and everything is possible!

Themes that we’ll explore:
· Moving from/with/to the center of the body, radiating into the extremities, finding the center of inner space, inhabiting the outer space
· Leading and following and somewhere in between
· Point of contact – what happens there?
· Flow of weight, directions of weight, weightlessness
· Support, easily giving, easily receiving, soft inner support