22-25 March
Somatic study of embryonic developmental stages in water and on land

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We never stop being an embryo. 
Our development, which began with conception, continues throughout our lives. Once we begin to incarnate embody (manifest our essence in the flesh), we are constantly creating and recreating ourselves, transforming, shaping ourselves in the flow of movement and interaction with the environment.

During these 4 days, practicing in water and on land, we will dive into the earliest stages of our development. We will re-live these stages consciously and meaningfully, and absorb from them all their natural wisdom, resources, and support.

Nourishment is an essential part of our early development. Our interactions with the world are largely centered on taking what we need for our growth. As adults, we may notice – is it easy for us to let the world nourish us? How we accept and receive what might be nourishing for us – organic, climatic or social, relational.

Often our beliefs and defense mechanisms prevent us from fully receiving nourishment. Through somatic practice we can rewire this – embodying early developmental patterns through imagery, movement, touch, breathing and sound. 
We will be able to change our habitual patterns to more supportive ones – for our body, soul, and relationships. 

We will use Authentic Movement, improvisation and performance to integrate our somatic processes and transformations. 
We will embody our experience (condense it, flesh it out) through movement and dance. Being visible, and at the same time having the non-judgmental attention of another as support.

Allowing your process to be seen, making it a source of spontaneous art that can be shared with others, and so take its place in the world. When our experience is seen and shared with others, it allows us to recognize and build upon it even more, to appropriate to ourselves all the power it gives us. 
Let’s appropriate the supports and resources we have access to. We will see and recognize parts of ourselves that were previously unfamiliar to us and appropriate them as well. In this way, we will gain this inner support from within to manifest boldly and widely in the outer world, to show ourselves fully, and to enjoy our manifestation – not postponing it for later, but already in this life!

VENUE: Cashew Resort, Small Koh Chang Island, Ranong Province, Thailand
Dates: March 22-25, 2024, departure March 26
Approximate schedule: 9 a.m.-12:30 p.m. activity, 12:30-16:00 siesta, 4 p.m.-6 p.m. activity

Participation does not include meals and lodging. Tentatively, lodging on the island costs $10-$20 per day, with meals starting at $8 per day in the cafeterias, you also have the option to cook for yourself if you bring a camping gas stove. Potable water is provided.