– performer, teacher, dancer, choreographer. A qualified ł contemporary dance instructor, contact improvisation teacher, scholarship holder of the Alternative Dance Academy in Pozna . Participant of international teacher exchange: contact improvisation – “ECITE” and ń performers – “100 DANCERS”. Founder of the Dance Theater and the KIJO Foundation. Co-founder of the Academy of Contact Improvisation – AKI in Poland. The originator and organizer of the FRU Festival (Polish Contact Improvisation Festival) in ód . Ł ź An active participant in numerous international trainings and festivals [Poland, Romania, Lithuania, Israel, Ukraine, Croatia, Denmark, Moldova, Great Britain, Spain, Thailand]. Winner of several awards.

He is associated with ód /Poland on a daily basis. When creating a scenic Ł ź movement, he cooperates with theaters in Poland. An unceasing researcher – seeker. Simultaneously a student and lecturer. Simply: many years ago, I quit my job in a corporation and redirected energy to the dance theater field. So that getting up in the morning I know that I`m doing what I`m living for. I`m freshly baked enthusiast of the moment. I breathe, I live, I am.