4-8 March
Yana Sutina and Kirill Popov (Russia)
Intensive CI in water for beginners and everyone interested to explore basic principles:”Somewhere between jellyfish and whale shark”

Jelly Fish

Have you ever observed jellyfish? How they move in water, how they make their way? They mostly use the flow of water to move. Thry just follow water without resisting it. They also have an ability to move on their own: letting water in their “umbrella” and then pushing from it. Their movement is soft and easy, without any effort.

And now let’s remember how sharks move. They undulate with their body to push from water and move precisely in the chosen direction. Interestingly, they don’t fight water either.

Whale SharkWe will explore evolution of movement in water from complete non-doing and letting go to building the structure on our own and with a partner to move in space.

Themes that we will work with:
– breathing. How it can support our dance and not interfere with it.
– total relaxation. Dance that happens on its own.
– connection from center to limbs.
– natural support in the body, ability to find grounding and structure without extra tension.
– interaction of one’s own structure with partner’s structure.
– liftings. Using support of water and offering our support…

CI in water