4-8 March
Sasha Bezrodnova (RUSSIA)&Mario Blanco Martinez (SPAIN – ARGENTINA).
Intensive of Contact Improvisation in water for participants, who are ready to dive deeper: “Dancing like dolphins”.

Mario BlankoWe will devote this time to:
– Basics of CI in water – to remind us about the most important qualities of movement in water and deepen our understanding of these qualities;
– Interaction with water in solo;
– Inviting a partner through skin and facia;
– Dancing in duets, trios and groups with the quality of silent presence and minimalistic movement;
– Special breathing and equalisation for dancing in the depth;
– Ways to immerse deeper and help your partner to immerse;
– Interaction in vertical space in the depth without touching the sea bottom.

Requirement for participants: participation in freediving classes in the beginning of the festival.
You can bring clothes, with which it is interesting to experiment in water, and cameras for underwater shooting.

CI in water